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The current members of the panel

The panel is composed of seven persons chosen from among former Members of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union, members of national Supreme Courts and jurists of recognised competence, one of whom is proposed by the European Parliament.

The members of the panel are appointed for a period of four years by the Council, on the initiative of the President of the Court of Justice. 

On 20 April 2020, Mr Allan Rosas was appointed President of the panel, which was previously presided by Mr Christiaan Timmermans (see Council Decision No 2020/539 of 15 April 2020). Following the resignation of one of its members (Mr Simon Busuttil), the panel is currently composed of Mr Allan Rosas, Mr Frank Clarke, Mr Carlos Lesmes Serrano, Ms Maria Eugénia Martins de Nazaré Ribeiro, Mr Andreas Voßkuhle and Mr Mirosław Wyrzykowski (see Council Decision No 2017/2262 of 4 December 2017).

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Allan Rosas

Mirosław Wyrzykowski

Frank Clarke

Carlos Lesmes Serrano

Maria Eugenia Martins De Nazare Ribeiro


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