Comite255 functioning - comite255

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step 1 of the procedure


The Secretariat General of the Council receives an application for the post of Judge or Advocate General at the Court of Justice or the General Court of the European Union.


step 2 of the procedure

Transfer of the application

The Secretariat General sends it to the President of the panel.


step 3 of the procedure

Examination of the dossier

The panel examines the dossier.

It may ask the Government of the country concerned and the candidate to provide additional information on the application.


step 4 of the procedure

Interview of the candidate

The candidate is then interviewed for an hour by the members of the panel. In the case of an application for renewal of the mandate of a Judge or Advocate General already in post, the examination is made without interviewing the candidate.


step 5 of the procedure

Reasoned opinion

The panel gives a reasoned opinion which is sent to the representatives of the Member States’ Governments.